MCFly 030- Climate Change Action Plan update

August 10 to November 18 = 100 days

All five of the writing groups for Manchester City Council’s Action Plan have now met once, with second meetings imminent. Literature reviews are being undertaken by the Green City Team. As yet there is no indication of how these writing groups are intending to fulfil the second half of their obligation “to build awareness, understanding and capacity of climate change issues, engaging communities and organisations throughout Manchester in the behaviour change needed to transform itself into a ‘low carbon city’ by 2020.”

There has been concern about the gender balance and the number of men in suits versus “ordinary people” in the Writing Groups. In the Transport group (total number of women who weren’t taking minutes/facilitating =… wait for it… zero) the immortal line “we need to take the politics out of transport” was uttered.

The questions raised in the last MCFly still stand; who is going to revise the document in October and how, how will the document be released, will the lessons of Call to Action be learnt, what are the mechanisms for engaging with ‘stakeholders,’ how will the document be revised and extended in 2010 and 2001? Answers probably won’t be forthcoming until the next Environmental Advisory Panel in September.

There is no explanation of the Action Plan on the Council’s website, or simple representative graphic (asides from MCFly 29’s feeble effort). What is going on?


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