MCFly 029- All Power to the… Council?

Manchester and Leeds recently got new powers – as “city-regions.” Announced at the Budget in April, it wasn’t clear if this was another Westminster PR stunt about “de-centralising” or a real deal. According to a blog post by the Manchester Evening News journo who broke the story, (David Ottewell), it may be the latter. And crucially, number 7 of the ten ‘work streams’ is “Rapid transition to a low carbon economy” which ‘will involve retro-fitting existing buildings and AGMA taking greater control over the energy with which it is supplied.’ Watch this space.

Meanwhile the new Communities secretary, John Denham, has announced a consultation in which councils are “asked to tell the government what new powers they need to mount more effective climate change work.” It runs until October 2, and MCFly will be reporting on Mancunian responses and the outcome.


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