MCFly 029- Action Plan Update #3

Action Plan Update #3 Days between July 26 and November 18 = 115

The writing groups for the Action Plan are being established. Some have already met (see below).

Richard Leese has yet again gone out of his way to say that the target of a million tonnes of C02 less per year by 2020 (roughly a 30% cut) is a minimum, not a ceiling. Someone really should take him up on this offer. The other point, being emphasised by all three Richards (Leese, Cowell and Sharland) is that the Action Plan is not a “final document.” It will be revised and toughened and made better. Indeed, at the recent Environmental Advisory Panel, one experienced panellist raised concerns about how much could realistically be written by September.

The Action Plan will mostly be about mitigation (reducing emissions), though there is a sense among those writing it that adaptation is going to have to get more than a passing mention. There are, of course, many unresolved questions here-

who is going to be revising the document in the month of October, under what criteria? Will there be a “final view” for the writers before it goes to the Executive on November 18? How will the document be released- in what formats, with what kind of launch event(s)? Will the lessons of the “Call to Action” be learnt? What are the mechanisms for engaging with “stakeholders” and improving the document in 2010 and 2011? What ‘groundwork’ needs to be laid down now? Just for starters…


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