Oversighted and scrutineed

MCFly went along to the latest Communities and Neighbourhoods Overview and Scrutiny Committee meeting (it’s like a Select Committee- a bunch of elected politicians keeping tabs on a more powerful bunch of elected politicians and bureaucrats) on Tuesday14 July. The meeting was – in part- about the “Call to Action”.

The main topic on the agenda was the community awareness and engagement aspect of the Call to Action and my, weren’t council (rightly?) please with themselves. Quoting the Environment Advisory Panel, the “C02mmunity Challenge” event and even MCFly- the executive member for the environment Richard Cowell argued that they had “opened their eyes to the potential of consultation and taking people along.”

The Community Challenge was also hailed the “meaty part of this project” by Cowell, which is not only a bad choice of words but a little worrying as the event, whilst useful in bringing really diverse people together, failed to mention the Action Plan or actively engage participants in the writing groups contributing to it.

Even so, they clearly have high hopes for the Action Plan which his due out 18 November, and reported that they will be making the most of their contacts in the Guardian to get publicity for the plan.

Online application forms also available now to bid for a grant from the £1m Carbon Reduction and Innovation Fund. The fund is open until 10 December, 50% match funding is encouraged and successful projects with be part of the Action Plan.



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