MCFly 28- Coping with Copenhagen

Coping with Copenhagen

Friends of the Earth disses the government’ “Road Map to Copenhagen”

A brilliant report from earlier in the year that lays out 3 likely scenarios from Copenhagen, one of which is fetchingly called “Multilateral Zombie”

Campaign against Climate Change starts to advertise a train trip to Copenhagen from London, during the talks. With World War Two analogies all the rage in climate circles, shouldn’t we ask “Is your journey really necessary?”

Meanwhile, the G8 “historic announcement” of a 2 degree target gets a kicking from green groups and the UN secretary-general as vague and insufficient. On July 9 the Guardian points out with weary glee that “Less than 24 hours removed from lofty goals, including 50 percent global cuts in carbon emissions by 2050, the G8 has backtracked, and now has agreed simply to “substantially reduce carbon emissions” by 2050.”


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