Be there or be square

On Monday June 29 Manchester City Council launches – at last – its ‘low carbon communities’ work, with an event at Manchester Town Hall. The Council wants at least a hundred people to come and get cracking on reducing carbon dioxide emissions and to prepare for the inevitable changes that will come. The event runs from 4pm to 8pm (you don’t have to stay for the whole thing!) with food and plenty of time for mingling and networking.
Workshops, which each run for 45 minutes, will run a number of times so people can have a choice of attending one or all of ’em.
Workshop 1 Climate change and carbon footprinting – what is it, how will it affect Manchester and how communities can help; Basic information on renewable technologies and sustainable energy.
Workshop 2 Exploring how low carbon living can benefit communities; Case studies of successful projects; Getting started, planning and research.
Workshop 3 How to apply for funding (criteria and completing the application form); How to raise interest in your project and get people on board.
For a year we at MCFly have been banging on about how little the Council has done on Climate Change, especially on engaging and involving people. Well, now they’re doing something, and it is very very important that you go to the event, even if only to tell the Council what it SHOULD be doing. Oh, and tell all your friends, family, work colleagues, and drag ’em along with you. This matters.
You sign up here:


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