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In MCFly 23 we reported that NWDA chairman, Bryan Gray, had criticised plans to get a thousand companies in 100 days to sign-up to tackle climate change as ‘pathetic’. The pledges are part of the Prince’s May Day Network, which actually requires that businesses re-new their pledges annually.

In a bid to get a little more information on exactly what had upset him so much (did he want to see 2,000 sign up? Maybe 5,000?) we got in sent him an inquiring email. Clearly embarrassed by his faux pas of truth-telling, the following response was sent ‘on his behalf’:

The best further actions that businesses can take will be specific to the individual business need. It is for this reason I believe that the Prince’s May Day Network is important for Northwest businesses. The network supports businesses to: calculate their carbon footprint; identify their largest impact area and offers them the opportunity to learn from other businesses that have already tackled that issue.

For example, the NWDA has calculated its carbon footprint and identified staff travel, including commuting, as our greatest source of carbon emissions. We already had a travel management plan in place which encouraged low carbon options, put loans in place for staff to buy rail season tickets and bicycles etc. This year we have had an Energy Saving Trust audit of our transport use and will be encouraging our ‘high mileage’ staff to undertake efficient driver training.

In the coming months we will finalise our carbon reduction plan which will help us to achieve our goal of 5% annual carbon reduction through prioritised and costed measures. It is only by fully understanding our impact and setting reduction targets that we can identify cost beneficial measures which are appropriate to our circumstances. I would encourage all businesses to join the Princes May Day Network and adopt a similar approach.


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