Lecture series on Conservation and Sustainability

Last night the second of a series of lectures on “Conservation and Sustainability” took place at Manchester University.

Zoe Garland and Leanne Rimmer of the Lancashire Wildlife Trust outlined their work, which is mostly with school children at present, under the title of “Inspiring change now: Making sustainable living second nature.”

The next lecture is entitled “Buidling a low carbon-economy” and will be delivered by Mike Reardon, of Manchester City Council/AGMA. He is the lead on creating the “Environment Commission” (see MCFly’s 17, 19 and 20).

His lecture will take place on Weds 22nd April, from 6 to 7pm, at the Michael Smith building at the University of Manchester (very close to the back of Jabez Clegg.)

More details will appear in next paper MCFly, out Sunday 5th April.

Further titles for lectures include “biodiversity loss and ecosystem change: consequences for people and the enviornment”, “the return of the beaver” and ‘forming an emissions inventory, energy scenarios and plans with stakeholders”


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