The Manchester Report

So, this is interesting, from the programme for the Manchester International Festival. (The text is theirs, the links are MCFly additions…)

The Manchester Report

Sat 4 & Sun 5 July / Manchester Town Hall

Manchester was at the heart of the Industrial Revolution, which boosted fossil fuel use and kick-started climate change. It’s only fitting then that the city should also be at the heart of attempts to solve this uniquely challenging problem. This is the rationale behind The Manchester Report, the creation of which will be overseen by Lord Bingham, one of the UK’s most highly respected legal minds.

Over two days at Manchester Town Hall, prominent experts in the fields of science, business and world affairs will cross-examine advocates representing a wide range of extraordinary carbon-reducing schemes – from giant solar-power stations in the Sahara to light-reflecting white roofs. The results will form the basis of The Manchester Report, a low-carbon road map to be published at the end of the Festival in advance of December’s UN climate change conference in Copenhagen.

Commissioned and produced by Manchester International Festival and The Guardian.

MCFly will find out more about this and let you know. And will be there reporting, of course.


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