MEN recycles recycling

On Tuesday March 17th the Manchester Evening News published the third of its (much delayed) Greenlife supplements.

We are told on the front cover that there are “Virtuous circles: How recycling can save money and the planet.”

Now, I am sympathetic to journalists, being the son of two of the blighters. And I’ve written several thousand blog posts on why a little bit of exaggeration is acceptable in tabloid newspapers.

But “save the planet”? Recycling?? You’re not having a laugh, cos it’s not funny.

The contents are predictable- love-ins for long-time Greenlife sponsors Bruntwood and the Co-op (don’t get me wrong- they’re doing admirable things, and I’m glad I bank with them. Their customer service has improved over the last years, from a lousy baseline, true). Greenlife have picked up “Ascot environmental” as an advertiser too, so maybe there’ll be another supplement before Copenhagen. Oh joy.

It’s all so damned top down. There’s nothing in there about “how to get involved”, “how to take it beyond just recycling.” It’s almost as if the Manchester Evening News is operating on a shoestring staff and is [therefore] only really interested in easy cheap copy. Oh, wait…

How to get involved?
Try this – Call to Real Action
or go to that
Chorlton Green Festival

Or check out Environment Network for Manchester.


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