MCFly 019- Environment Commission update

The Environment Commission is one of 7 Greater Manchester-wide bodies being set up – others include Health, Transport, Economic Development etc. ( The idea, as reported in MCFly 17, is that 11 “Environment Commissioners”- 6 elected politicians from various local authorities and 5 people from business/ construction/media/ voluntary sector/academia- will meet regularly and help co-ordinate activities.

They will not be paid, and indeed there is only a minimal budget for operating costs. MCFly has been told that the EC is supposed to be task-orientated and help deliver objectives. If it wants to achieve discrete projects then it will apply for funding separately .

The timetable for the Environment Commission has been pushed back slightly. On March 20 the recruitment consultants (we don’t know who they are) will give a list of recommended candidates for the 5 non-elected commissioners to the AGMA Executive.

All being well, the Environment Commission will meet on Tuesday April 6 for its first full meeting. At this, they will discuss the action they want to take, how they will achieve it and how to set-up support infrastructures to do it.

According to Steve Turner of the Manchester Climate Change Agency, one of the delivery bodies underneath the Environment Commission, the delay is not having an impact on the MCCA’s progress, and it still plans to open its doors later this summer.

MCFly will keep you informed…


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