Brussels Sprouts and the End of the World

News reaches MCFly Towers of a film premiere the climat-istas will be dying to pack their low-energy popcorn for.

No, not the Sunday 15th March eagerly-awaited launch of the “Age of Stupid”, which is coming soon to a cinema near you, no matter where you live it seems.

No, this is about the “Manchester Mini-Stern,” a report released last year which spelt out the (21 billion quid) costs of not acting quickly enough of smart enough to climate change. It used the methodology of the Stern Review and applied it to Greater Manchester. This was a first, for a sub-national approach, and the report has picked up a few awards (recently a Sustainable Communities gong, according to the MEN.)
Read more about it all in the updated 3rd Manchester Climate Change Agency bulletin.

Here’s the poster for this launch. One last thing, this poster can be seen at the following address:



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