The Sun Also Rises

Taking the advice of an anonymous commenter, I’ll try to be ‘constructive rather than critical’
(Yeah, you know and I know that there is a question-begging false binary buried in there, but what are ya gonna do?)

So, where to be constructive? Um… (Imagine that cute doggie from Microsoft when you do a file search)… Oil companies? Nope. Nuclear? Nope. Uncapped carbon trading? Nope.

Got it.

The Sun ‘newspaper.’

I shit you not. They published what amounted to a puff piece about the Age of Stupid, the ‘grass-roots’ film that premieres all over the place on Sunday March 15th. (See Manchester details here).

Now, to quote Marie, “why would someone do that?

One reason- without getting all reductive about newspapers merely reflecting their owners’ views- might be that James Murdoch, Rupe’s son, has been Converted to Green-ness.
BSkyB actually has an un-crap record, compared to other comparable companies.


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