MCFly 018- show me the money!

The Council Executive has tabled its budget for 2009/10, and its medium term financial strategy for three years. The next things that happen are that it goes to an Overview and Scrutiny Committee on February 23, and then to full council on March 4. There is no danger of it failing to pass, since Labour has a 2 to 1 majority over the Lib Dems in full council. The budget makes for fascinating reading.

On page 38 (of 166) we learn that the “Major corporate priorities” are “Waste and Recycling, Reflecting and managing the impact of the economic downturn, Children’s and Youth Services, Climate change /sustainability.

But kindly remove your thumbs from the cork of that bottle of 1990 Dom Perignon White Gold Jeroboam, because there’s No New Money… “Specific provision for Climate Change / sustainability and Events was made in last years budget.”

Yes, that’d be the million quid that they still haven’t spent from the infamous “Carbon Reduction of Innovation Fund” (see MCFly #6 passim ad nauseam). Sigh.


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