Educationally sub-normal sub-editor at MEN?

It’s usually the sub-editors who write the headlines to newspaper pieces.

So rather than blame John and Anne Nuttall for “Icy peaks mock global warming” (Saturday 28 Feb, page 4 of Weekend pullout) above their piece on walking along the Pennine* Way [it contains a straightforward account of where they walked and how you can follow them], I’d take a pop at the dominant sub.

The obvious question to ask is ; which part of “global warming” are you having trouble with?
Did the recent Australian heatwaves and subsequent bushfires happen on another planet?

The follow-up question would be: “Why did you need to inflict your scientifically illiterate prejudices loose in a newspaper which has editorialised on the importance of climate change action in the (distant) past?”


* Not “Penine”, as it originally appeared in this post (see comment 1 below)

P.S. Meeting up with my cartoonist friend Marc this morning, reminds me that he tackled this little-bit-of-local-snow-puts-paid-to-global-warming tosh in a cartoon last year.


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