Update on AGMA’s Environment Commission

MCFly has been reliably informed by AGMA bods that the Environment Commission’s first meeting will now be on the 7th of April, NOT in ‘February or early March’ as they previously announced (see MCFly 17 for background info). By then, AGMA is hoping to have recruited the remaining 5 commissioners from areas such as business, academia, third sector, property and development, and communications. These 5 commissioners are being independently recruited and will be approved by the AGMA Chief Executive. Also overseeing the Environment Commission are six elected politicians, which brings the Environment Commission to a total of 11 commissioners.

The Environment Commission is part of a the Greater-Manchester attempt to streamline the response to climate change and to reduce any duplication of effort across council. The ‘Environment Commission’ is one of a total of seven commissions on areas such as ‘Health’, ‘Economic Development, Employment and Skills’, ‘Housing and Infrastructure’ and ‘Public Protection’. All of the commission’s will work across the region and report to the AGMA (Association of Greater Manchester Authorities).


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