MCFly 018- Social Clim(at)ing

MCFly’s new gossip column!

Rumour reaches MCFly Towers that the Secretary of State for Energy and Climate Change, young Ed Miliband– so fresh-faced that he still gets carded when he goes in his local boozer- will be heading up North sometime in the next month or so, to see how the provincials are coping with this climate change thingie.
So, there’s a frantic scramble to shovel oodles of money out the door (it needed spending before the end of the financial year anyway). Then Ed, (who proclaimed the need for a grass-roots campaign to keep the government honest on climate change… the day before Plane Stupid shut down Stansted Airport!), can have his photo took in front of this or that funded wind turbine/CHP plant/cherubic tree-planting tot, and proclaim that HMG is Giving Us the Tools to Finish the Job.

And who will win the impending turf war within the AGMA commissions over climate change? The fingers-crossed punt is on the Environment Commission. The smart money is on the Economic Development, Skills and Employment Commission (the artists previously known as Manchester Enterprises, and producers of the mini-Stern, and purveyors of Carbon Trading schemes.) Of course, the really smart money is on shotguns, canned food and an island redoubt.


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