MCFly 018- Call to Real Action

Earlier this year- as readers of MCFly 15 to 17 will be aware- a report called “The Call to Action” was approved by Manchester City Council. The Council had commissioned a London-based consultancy called ‘Beyond Green‘ to write it. It’s fair to say that many Mancunians concerned about climate change had mixed feelings.

While they were happy that the long wait for a climate change statement from the Council was over, at the same time they were underwhelmed by this report. They were unhappy that the 50 page document cost so much (the phrase “70 to 100 thousand pounds” has not been denied), that it ducked important issues (not merely the Airport, but also consultation and engagement) and that it was so vague on targets for reducing greenhouse gases.

However, instead of shrugging shoulders and drowning sorrows, various Mancunians have come together with a shared determination to do better (and cheaper) work.

This “Call to Real Action” group, which includes people from various campaigns and also “first- timers” has already met twice. It has discussed exactly what it wants to produce (a report of similar length but superior detail and quality), and how, and what skills to learn and share on the way. Writing groups are being formed to tackle topics as diverse as aviation, engagement, energy production, transport, food, housing, social justice, resilience and the proverbial “many many more.”

The group is asking (and plans to answer!) a set of questions about what actions the Council can and should take, what actions the people of Manchester can take to both reduce greenhouse gas emissions and prepare for the inevitable changes that are now ‘locked in’ because of the too-slow response to scientific warnings over the last twenty years.

Although work has already started, it is not too late to get involved, and there are lots of specific jobs that will need doing that do not take much time or specialised skills.

For more information about how to get involved and see the work as it unfolds, see If you’ve questions, suggestions, contacts, you can contact There is also conference on Saturday 7th March from 1.30pm to 5pm at the Central Hall, Oldham St, Manchester, where all the above questions will be discussed.

[Declaration of interest: MCFly editors are involved in the above group.]

Call to Real Action Conference on March 7th


Central Hall, Oldham St.

To talk about what Manchester SHOULD look like, what we want the Council- and ourselves- to do to make that vision happen. Topics include food, transport, energy, housing, resilience, the Airport. Includes Q & A


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