MCFly 017- Roads 1, Climate Sanity 0

Last week two unrelated but very related stories crossed our desk. Firstly, the Northwest Development Agency (based in Warrington, one of nine “development agencies”) had released £1.6 million for a charity called Groundwork to provide financing for local carbon emission-reducing projects. The catch is that Groundwork must find 3 million over the next three years from other sources.

Secondly, on February 5th, the Department for (new runways and) Transport has ponied up “an extra £13m to improve local roads in the North West.” On top of £285 million already allocated for highways maintenance in the region.

So, £13 million right now to encourage more transport-related carbon emissions, but charities have will have to scramble and hustle like mad to support climate change mitigation…. That thud you hear is satirists’ bodies hitting the ground.

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