Manchester Climate Change Agency news

Manchester Climate Fortnightly has reported in the past on the upcoming “Manchester Climate Change Agency.” It will cover Greater Manchester (all ten local authorities). It had initially been due to open in March, but this has been pushed back to “late summer.”
Its third bulletin has just come out, and is well worth a read. (it’s only 3 and a bit pages). Ah, doesn’t seem to be online just yet…

They’ve agreed a mission statement:

The Greater Manchester Climate Change Agency (working title) is the city region’s business, public and third sector partnership, contributing towards economic advantage and prosperity by:
(i) delivering carbon reductions, and
(ii)responding to the impacts of climate change

The MCCA will be overseen by the “Environment Commission”. [no website yet]
This will next meet in February/March. The six elected members of the Environment Commission have been announced (all councillors from various local authorities). Five more will be chosen, from “business; the third sector; academia; property and development; and communications. They will be recognised figureheads within their respective sectors and have significant decision making powers and influence over environmental performance across the city region. Wherever possible, they will have strong links into other Commissions and work streams to promote inter-Commission working.”

The other commissions mentioned here are AGMA bodies, including the Economic Development, Employment and Skills Commission.

MCFly will keep you posted…


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