MCFly 015: Green Guru, Transition Meeting, Green Party

Green Guru up for GRaBS

Green Guru Dr Jeremy Carter has been appointed to provide academic leadership in the latest European initiative, titled Green and Blue Space Adaptation or GRaBS, which will help ten cities adapt to the effects of climate change.

The project will raise awareness amongst the local and regional authorities about which neighbourhoods are at risk, the main dangers they face and ways to respond to them. Carter remarked that “The differences between those cities which choose to adapt and those who do not will be stark.”

[Dr Carter has kindly done an email interview with MCFly, which will be posted very soon.]

A Transition’s Gonna Come?
The Transition Movement has sprung up to equip communities to tackle the twin problems of peak oil and climate change. On Weds Jan 21 SERA is hosting a meeting at the Town Hall about a possible “Transition City Manchester” project. A transition project for Hulme recently folded. See also, and a critique of the concept here:

Greens want Mancunian Green New Deal
The Green Party has launched its campaign for the West Didsbury by-election with a call for a “Green New Deal” to tackle the major issues of climate change and recession. Proposals include supporting cheap, regular public transport, improved parking within the area as well as protecting local public space such as Marie Louise Gardens.

Housing has also been highlighted as an important issue and Greens want the Council to purchase private houses which stand empty to help tackle the 30,000 waiting list for social housing. Geoff Evans, the Green Party candidate, remarked that “we are now missing a golden opportunity to fight recession by creating jobs, build a 1st class public transport system and help the fight against climate change.” See


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