Essay contest: What do we do next?

Short essay competition.

“What are the current problems/future opportunities for climate campaigners in Greater Manchester”

First Prize- £30
Runners Up- to be confirmed

Deadline Sunday 1st February 5pm
entries to

Winner announced on Tuesday February 10th at the “Climate Change: Global and Local” meeting hosted by Manchester Climate Forum. Friends Meeting House, 6 Mount St

Terms and conditions


Entries in English only.

Entries via email only.
Word limit 600 words. Our judge(s) will stop reading at that point.

Nothing libellous

Nothing that advocates violence against individuals.

All your own work please.

The winning entry and other entries will be published in a booklet available for a cost calculated at the production costs. They will also be posted on the Manchester Climate Forum website (

Except for this, copyright remains with authors. (it does anyway)

Winners and other entrants can choose to remain anonymous if they wish.

No details will be handed to any third parties.

With your entry:


Email address:

Phone number as back up:

If entry won the competition/was selected for the booklet, would you want your name published alongside it?


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