Issue 13- It’s official: Manchester STILL less green than 2007

Last MCFly we reported on the “Sustainable Cities Index,” in which Manchester had dropped from 12th place in 2007 to 15th. However, the whole report had been pulled while the judges – Forum for the Future – re-checked their maths. The report has now been re-released, and although some cities have gone up or down, Manchester is right where it was, 14 places away from its 2010 goal (First, not 29th, for any smart alecks who may have wandered in).
So, two questions need answering.
The first is one we fruitlessly asked the council in our first report: What has the Council actually implemented in the last 12 months that would give them a realistic expectation of having a better rating than the previous year.
The second is – what’s the cunning plan for being the Greenest City in Britain by 2010?


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