Shouting fire on a crowded planet.

The Manchester Evening News leads today with something that … isn’t bleeding!
The headline reads “Firmen sent to Greece for ‘climate change’ training.

The story, and the comments on the website, all focus on it being a junket/a waste of money.

No-one seems to be focussing on the hypocrisy angle. These guys go off on a climate change- related course and get to where they’re going by, er, flying. It’s not mentioned whether they bought carbon offsets, but so what, those things are largely a scam anyhow.


The MEN is owned by the Guardian Media Group. It, and other newspapers, are dependent upon advertising for their operating costs and profits. The most reliable advertisers are often the most carbon-intensive- airlines and car-makers. But to say there’s any self-censorship would be pure conspiracy-theory….


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