"Solar Power to the People" follow-up info

After further digging, MCFly has been able to pin down more info about the scheme by
Northwards Housing to fit solar panel on tower blocks across North Manchester.
Here’s what we know:

The quarter of a million which was fronted by central governments ‘Low Carbon
Buildings Programme’ is a grant which will not be paid back. The solar panels scheme
will however save around 43,000kgs of CO2 per year and so contribute to reducing
climate change. The tower blocks will be measured up for the solar panels over the
next two weeks, and once installed they will generate clean, green leccy.

Worryingly, there is no legal obligations that the future savings are spent on these
specific tower blocks as the revenue savings are Northwards. The housing company is
however “committed to spend some of the revenue savings on improvements for

The nine rejected tower blocks were deemed unsuitable on the grounds of insufficient
space, overshadowing and capped roofs which would be too expensive to change. A
council source has stated that Northwards Housing are nonetheless “committed to
improving the environmental sustainability of all homes managed, so although nine
blocks will not benefit directly from this scheme, we will be looking at other
renewable energy technology projects which these blocks could benefit from in


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