Manchester Climate Change Agency Bulletin, and the curse of apostrophe’s

Too much information, and not enough time, as ever.
One of the reasons we set up Manchester Climate Fortnightly was to deal with just this problem- how to keep track of what matters, and ferret it out, and then present it in useful format.
We’re hard at work on issue 6 now, running with three different lead stories, and encountering useful other bits on the way.

One of these is the second bulletin of the “Manchester Climate Change Agency”, which is part of the Environment Commission, that will operate at a “Greater Manchester” level.

Here’s a quote from that bulletin

A considerable amount of work has been undertaken in the last 12 months covering low carbon activity. Much of this gives a strong starting point for developing a work programme for the agency. This work includes; technical reports, (e.g. Low Carbon Cities Programmes ( LCCP) and Mini-Stern), Consultation (e.g. Mini-Stern, face-to-face meetings with local authority officers and knowledge exchange meetings with the London Development Agency and London Climate Change Agency), and Good Practice Research, (e.g. London Energy Partnership and successful EU funded projects over the last five years through the Energie-Cities network).

We will be pulling this work into a consultation document that we aim to consult on following a meeting of the CCA project board on 20 August. Following consultation on the work programme the board will be prioritising these projects on 25 September in readiness for ratification by AGMA on 31 October.

And you can read the whole thing by going to

PS I was scanning MCFly #5 during a longeur at tonight’s rather good debate on the TIF (organised by Manchester Junior Chamber of Commerce. I noticed- to my abject dismay and horror- a stray apostrophe in the lead story. “Arm tube device’s” indeed. My father, the sub-editor from Hell, will never ever let me forget that!


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