It’s done! Possibly the best one so far?

But then, we’ve only done 5, so that’s maybe not saying so much.

There are short pieces on four (count ’em- 4!) different stories of interest to Manchester people who are concerned about CC.
1) A report on the biofuels action that took place during Climate Camp
2) The fact that University of Manchester is appointing a “green guru”
3) Manchester Enterprises looking into making MCR a carbon trading hub
4) A chance to respond to the recent “Mini-Stern”

Various people wrote these stories, and the issue was put together by the oldest (in every sense) and newest member of the editorial collective. Much learned about wikis, blogs, scribus etc. Obstacles overcome etc etc, lessons learned…

Would very much appreciate if people took the time to comment on Issue 5, and what should be done to improve it.

PS Thanks to Marc Roberts, for speed above and beyond the call of duty, and of belief…


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